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  • Bearded Tiger

    • ABV: 5.3
    • IBU: 45
    • SRM: 15
    • OG: 1.060
    • FG: 1.018

    Bearded Tiger

    Cream Ale

    Hops: Centennial, Warrior, Cascade
    Grains: Two Row, Caramel 60, Flaked Maize
    Other Ingredients: Ginger

    Our amber ale has great mouthfeel, refreshing balance of ginger and hop, and caramel notes to round this beer out nicely.

    Activity Pairing: Late night safari's, tickle time, unicycling

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  • Dance Naked

    • ABV: 6.0
    • IBU: 70
    • SRM: 5
    • OG: 1.060
    • FG: 1.018

    Dance Naked

    India Pale Ale

    Hops: Citra, El Dorado
    Grains: Two Row, Vienna

    The Rusty Bull IPA is built for BBQ, and sunny skies. medium ale body, with good pine and citrus notes. Citra and El Dorado hops deliver those notes of tangerine and a crisp finish. Remember the relief you feel after getting all the sand out of your shorts? Yep, that’s this beer.

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  • Tumbling Monk

    • ABV: 5.5
    • IBU: 27
    • SRM: 39
    • OG: 1.065
    • FG: 1.023

    Tumbling Monk


    Hops: Northern Brewer
    Grains: Vienna, Chocolate, Black, Roasted Barley, Mild Malt, Caramel 120
    Other Ingredients: Pistachio

    This beer is a good time, with a bouquet of chocolate, roasted coffee notes, and natural pistachio flavor.

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  • Cardigan

    • ABV: 5.2
    • IBU: 40
    • SRM: 18
    • OG: 1.060
    • FG: 1.018



    Hops: Centennial, Galena, Cascade
    Grains: Two Row, Caramel 60, Flaked Maize
    Other Ingredients: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Allspice

    Starting from a cream ale and evolving like a complicated baking session, this beer is like a fireside chat with almost all of the spices from your favorite holiday dessert.

    Food Pairing: Halloween Candy, Turkey & Stuffing
    Activity Pairing: Trick or Treating, Overeating

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  • Piece of Wit

    • ABV: 4.8
    • IBU: 30
    • SRM: 7
    • OG: 1.045
    • FG: 1.010

    Piece of Wit


    Hops: Tettnanger, Hallertau
    Grains: Two Row, White Wheat
    Other Ingredients: Kiwi, Coriander

    Enjoy Rusty Bull's take on a witbier style with a classic haze, citrus notes rounded out with bright kiwi, and a light coriander finish. This beer is great for cracking jokes and solving the world’s problems, subtly and intelligently, of course.

    Food Pairing: A lovely spring brunch
    Activity Pairing: Paddleboarding, Spelunking the caverns of the lowcountry

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  • Livin' Easy

    • ABV: 5.0
    • IBU: 15
    • SRM: 4
    • OG: 1.046
    • FG: 1.013

    Livin' Easy

    Light Lager

    Hops: Hallertau
    Grains: Pilsner, Vienna

    Livin' Easy is a euro-style lager with notes of lemongrass and a crisp finish to help you chill in the Lowcountry where sun is shining and the livin' is easy.

    Food Pairing: Grilled veggies and fresh peaches
    Activity Pairing: Beachin' It

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  • Free the Trippel

    • ABV: 9.5
    • IBU: 35
    • SRM: 9
    • OG: 1.074
    • FG: 1.002

    Free the Trippel

    Belgian trippel

    Hops: Saaz
    Grains: Avangard Pilsen, GoldSwaen Belge
    Other Ingredients: Coriander

    Rusty Bull's take on a style we truly appreciate.  We left the name for this beer up to our fans for inspiration.  Our contest winner, Charlie Gravitte, suggested a name that we think pairs well with our cheeky personality.  Our hope is that you enjoy the robust grain bill and the dry quality that is characteristic of the style.

    Food Pairing: Tenderloin steak and donor fries
    Activity Pairing: Skydiving and ghost tours

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  • Captain Nut Crunch

    • ABV: 6.2
    • IBU: 18
    • SRM: 8
    • OG: 1056.000
    • FG: 1056.000

    Captain Nut Crunch

    peanut butter golden ale

    Hops: Willamette
    Grains: Whole Pilsner, Whole Wheat, Crystal 11, Muntons Munich, Pale Ale Maris Otter, Captain Crunch cereal
    Other Ingredients: PB2

    This beer was riffed off of a contest; we asked our fans which cereal they would like to see melded with beer, and the winner was Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch.  The beer base was modeled after a golden ale; the result is rich peanut butter on the nose, and is bready with sweet and peanut buttery notes on the tongue.

    Activity Pairing: Breakfast, of course

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  • Juice Juice

    • ABV: 6.7
    • IBU: 0
    • SRM: 3
    • OG: 1.068
    • FG: 1.017

    Juice Juice

    NE IPA

    Hops: Citra, El Dorado, Summit
    Grains: Vienna, Maris Otter Crisp 19, 2 Row, Carapils, Flaked Oat

    This beer takes you back to your childhood, asking your mother for “juice juice.”  You’ll be surprised that nothing in this beer came from a box!  With notes of grapefruit, pineapple, and citrus, this juicy, tangy, mouth watering hazy IPA leaves nothing to be desired.

    Food Pairing: Beet Salad and Lemon Cheesecake
    Activity Pairing: Poolside Charades and Cow Tipping

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  • Railyard

    • ABV: 4.8
    • IBU: 15
    • SRM: 18
    • OG: 1.050
    • FG: 1.014


    brown ale

    Hops: Azacca
    Grains: 2 Row, Maris Otter Crisp 19, Crystal Rye, Crystal 60, Vienna
    Other Ingredients: Pineapple

    This mild English brown ale is an homage to North Charleston's roots and the rail yards that surround our brewery.  With notes of caramel and fruit, this beer travels across your palate like a pineapple turnover, with a clean finish

    Food Pairing: Waffles and chocolate moose
    Activity Pairing: Long trips and jumping rail cars

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  • S'wheat Tart

    • ABV: 6.5
    • IBU: 18
    • SRM: 13
    • OG: 1.045
    • FG: 1.010

    S'wheat Tart

    cherry wheat

    Hops: Sterlin, Saaz
    Grains: White Wheat, 2 Row
    Other Ingredients: Sweet cherries, tart cherries

    This bright and delightful addition to our line-up is made with an American wheat ale base and Sterling hops.  Tart and sweet cherries were used in fermentation, resulting in notes of stone fruit in the body and mild tartness on the finish.  At 18 IBUs, this beer is refreshing and tasty; perfect for those still warm but becoming cooler SC days.

    Food Pairing: Apple pie and perfectly grilled beef
    Activity Pairing: Apple picking and dice games under a shade tree

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  • Golden Boot

    • ABV: 4.8
    • IBU: 15
    • SRM: 3
    • OG: 1.054
    • FG: 1.018

    Golden Boot


    Hops: Willamette
    Grains: Weyerman Extra Pale Pilsner

    Light, crisp, golden lager that is sure to satisfy for hours on end.  Pairs well with soccer & shenanigans.  It’s in limited supply, so keep this delicious secret to yourself…silence is golden…unless you’re at a Battery game!

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  • TripHopAnonymous

    • ABV: 8.2
    • IBU: 130
    • SRM: 5
    • OG: 1.056
    • FG: 0.994


    double IPA

    Hops: Citra, Azacca, Mosaic
    Grains: Simpson's Finest Golden Promise, Simpson's Malted Rye, Simpson's Finest Pale Ale Maris Otter, Simpson's Crystal Light

    Need more IBUs?  Look no further.  This hazy, triple-hopped double IPA is floral on the nose and will tease your palate with citrus, stone fruit, and pine notes. Hop Heads, rejoice!

    Food Pairing: Fried beef tenderloin and cobb salad
    Activity Pairing: Figure skating and tap dancing

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  • Side Dish

    • ABV: 6.2
    • IBU: 3
    • SRM: 18
    • OG: 1.052
    • FG: 1.018

    Side Dish

    amber ale

    Hops: Bravo
    Grains: Simpson's Crystal Medium, 2 Row, Flaked Oats
    Other Ingredients: Roasted Sweet Potato

    Inspired by sweet potato pie and southern tradition, this beer, which is brewed with sweet potatoes roasted by our friends at Swig & Swine, will have you primed and ready for the holiday season.

    Food Pairing: Turkey, stuffing, and broccoli casserole
    Activity Pairing: Falling asleep watching footall

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