About Us

We love to make good beer. We are excited that our beery dream has come true, and appreciate everyone who has helped make it possible.

We like to give back. From time to time, you find us committing our proceeds and networking with cool people who champion causes that we believe in, to help make this world a little better.

From the kitchen stove, to late night sessions on the pilot system in the garage with the boombox blasting, we’ve enjoyed making good beer for years. Now we get to share the love with you.

That’s enough of the sappy talk, back to the beer.

We like our beers to focus on being themselves. You have to raise them up that way, so they have a sense of individualism, in a world filled with categories and those who would "pigeon hole" them. Sure, they’ll come across others that seem to resemble some of their characteristics, but in the end it’s all about getting to let it all hang out.

Cheers and Shenanigans,

Ben and Brian

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